About Us

Our Missions: Explore the infinity of creation; Dedicate to the satisfaction and success of every designer.

Our Core Values: Satisfy Customers; Strive for Excellence; Explore Innovation; Insist on integrity; Work with Joy.

Reasons Bilink Was Established

Based in Ningbo, China, Bilink is a prototyping and rapid manufacturing firm focused on the Gym Equipment development with a comprehensive service offering spanning from prototype to production.

Maintains a superior competitive edge through cutting-edge manufacturing technology and a proficient team. We tailor our manufacturing services to align perfectly with your unique product design requirements.

Ready To Get Started?

From prototype to production, our team of engineers is ready to help bring your idea to life.

Why Choose BilinkFit For Fitness Equipment?

Bilinkfit is one of China’s leading architectural Fitness Equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We strive to deliver your Gym Equipment on time, within budget, and with an exceptional level of quality.

Professional Craftsmanship

Unleash 20 years of GYM expertise. Our team is top-notch, skilled and talented. Elevate your fitness journey with us.

Customization Capability

Unleash the power of customization with our cutting-edge capability. Transform any product or service to perfectly fit your unique needs.

Customer Service

7-15 days or less: prompt delivery. Round-the-clock online & onsite support for a hassle-free customer experience.


Service Advantage: LOW MOQ ensures flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


We ensure the best quality at the most competitive prices compared to all other manufacturers.

Five-Year Warranty

Our Advantage: Five-Year Warranty guarantees peace of mind and long-term reliability.

One-Stop-Service, Endless Possibilities

Great Teamwork, Motivated Staff, Consistently Delivering Excellent Work For Our Customers.